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Sound Therapy Practitioner Training

Base Space hosts Sound Therapy Practitioner training.

Sound therapy can be provided as group Sound baths or 1:1 session. Sound Therapy is a therapeutic tool to help individuals access deeper states of relaxation to allow the body and mind to switch off. This state also allows the autonomic nervous system to balance and for the bodies natural healing processes to occur.

Benefits of Sound therapy include, improved sleep, reduced stress, anxiety and increased Self awareness.

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Energy Therapy Practitioner Training

This course will provide you training that will allow you to provide Energy therapy sessions to your clients.

Within these sessions you will use techniques derived from Energy Therapy, Yoga, Relaxation, and guided Meditation.

The Course fee includes free Tin-sha bells and tea & coffee through out the day.

This course is fully accredited with the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine.

This set of skills will allow you to provide your clients a safe space for a therapeutic reset that will not only mean they leave sessions feeling relaxed and restored but you will also be able to influence positive change in their lives via guided meditation.

This course is suited to people with a passion for helping people with holistic therapies.

The Energy Therapy Practitioner course is a great add-on to your current holistic business or can be done as a standalone service.

UK Holistic Training: About Us
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